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Steven Hawkins

services de création de marque Faire naître l'esprit de votre marque
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Crossdata, l'art d'accoucher d'une marque Rendre l'inconnu connu, notre point d'honneur.
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Branding strategy

Your brandname takes an essential part in your corporate communication. Our mission is to increase the value of your brand by bringing your brand strategy to the next stage. We create the right contents to generate a strong and positive impact on your community. In addition to your brand strategy, we assist you to get intel about your business by mapping your global environment. We help you to envision your next moves.

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#WeLoveData and we use it to elaborate accurately your branding strategy and corporate communication. We summarize all the options available to build your strategy and translate it into a map. You get a global vision of your environment, and you can make decisions concerning your brand development. With the right map, we assist you to navigate through the next stages you want to step in.

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The philosophy of the 3 reals (Sangen-shugi) is derived from Genchi Genbutsu, which means go to the workplace and chat with the real actors. This philosophy aims to solve the problems in situ. To achieve Sangen-shugi, it requires to address an active listening to our customers' requirements, and a positive behaviour to provide the right answers to the problems. Focusing on our customers' needs is our main concern.

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